Khumbulani “Kay” Sibiya (29) has been entangled in a nasty paternity battle with his ex-girlfriend Zukiswa “Zookey Zarling” Vutela, a former Gagasi FM presenter, since 2014.

Kay, an Uzalo actor and the new hot face of “Queen Mzansi” (Mzansi Magic’s latest soapie) featuring on DSTV (channel 161).

According to Zookey, she is certain that Kay is the baby father of her young daughter as proven by DNA tests, however Kay thinks otherwise. Speaking to Drum magazine she said, “Instead of taking responsibility, Kay is in the process of wanting to fight with a South African-appointed testing facility to say the result is false.”

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“He believes he will find a laboratory that will find differently. He says he would rather continue with the court process and would pay me interim maintenance for the child until he finds three other facilities to do DNA tests.”

Since the year 2014, Kay has claimed that he didn’t get Zookey pregnant, but the DNA test proves him guilty as charged. Late in 2015 the two parties appeared in the Ntuzuma Magistrates Court for a defamation case opened by Zookey after Kay denied that he was not the baby daddy.

Last year, the Daily Sun reported that Kay Sibiya’s dad, Gabriel Mahlangu revealed that he has had enough of the baby saga that never seems to end between Kay and Zookey, and expressed that he had enough of Zookey’s insults.

While Kay said that he regretted meeting Zookey as she wants to destroy his life.

One of the concerns that Kay’s family raised was the process in which Zookey dealt with the issue, the father- Gabriel said that he had expected that Zookey would deal with the issue the traditional way.

“Traditionally, when a girl is pregnant her family approaches the boy’s family and the pregnancy is discussed.

“In this case, that never happened. Instead we were approached by her pastor. Just when we were about to resolve it, Zookey started attacking me through text messages.

“I forwarded those messages to her pastor and never saw him again,” said Gabriel. As reported by Daily Sun, he also said that they are more that happy to raise their first grand child if it’s truly Kay’s.

We hope both parties come into agreement to resolve this issue that has been ongoing from 2014, for the sake of the daughter.

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