The silly season is upon us, “keDezembaBoss!” as many South Africans would say. Our beloved country is abuzz with festivities and events filled with exciting gigs. It’s definitely peak season when you look at our fiscal calendar, and we ready ourselves to welcome tourists who contribute to our community culture and activity.

For some, it’s a time where we spend all our money in December and worry incessantly in January. While some are still waiting for that 13th cheque, with all their to-buy lists gathering dust, others have already received it and frantic shopping is already underway.

Every day will feel like Saturday and all evenings will automatically turn into Friday nights. Needless to say, we will be spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment, with carnivals, theatres, beaches and all year awaited-for and planned holidays.

Our playlist will change – from upbeat tracks to feel good songs which will set the tone for the entire day…

While it’s a time for celebration, we can also take it to the extreme.

TYI has identified a few things that we are all most likely to be tempted to do, so you might want to avoid them, to start 2017 without frustrations or regrets…


Holiday special – Try your best to avoid hooking up with your ex, even if it’s just for all old times sake. It might be difficult getting over it in January. (You might want to keep your crush as crush till January as well)

Spend your registration money – you don’t want to be the person who is borrowing money in January to get yourself though school because of a few drinks and food that you don’t even remember eating.

Good Samaritan syndrome – we all would love to give our loved ones gifts, but we really don’t have to if we cant afford it. There is always next year to do that, and you don’t have to pay for all the activates. If you in a group share don’t jump for the bill because you see your bank balance is higher than normal.


Avoid buying unnecessary items – sale and discount in red paper will be prominent this time. So don’t buy everything because they are on sale. Shop for what you need and go home; run home if you have to.

Avoid unplanned credit expenses – avoid those spare of the moment credit shopping that you have to pay for the whole of next year, if you didn’t plan and budget for it before you leave the house. Don’t!


You might not want to read this now but we know you will thank us later! So let the party and festivities begin keDezemberBass!

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