Panic over the killer disease Listeriosis grips the country following the revelation that products from an Enterprise Foods production facility in Polokwane, Limpopo, are the source of the listeriosis outbreak, which has resulted in 180 deaths.

The Department of Basic Education has stepped in to issue urgent alerts to schools and parents over the purchase of foods such as russians, polony, sausages, viennas and other cold meats largely consumed by pupils as part of their packed lunches.

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Health experts have also warned against the consumption of bunny chows and the popular township kota snacks.

“We will collaborate with the Department of Health to ensure that we spread the message highlighting issues regarding listeriosis and what parents can do to safeguard their children against it,” spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said on Sunday.

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Phumi Mkhize (35) says that she would rather lose the food than lose her children to a deadly disease. She hopes and prays that they aren’t infected with Listeriosis.
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The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi said the number of laboratory-confirmed cases attributed to the foodborne disease now stood at 948 cases, with a fatality rate of 27%.

“Eighty-five percent of the people reported consuming ready-to-eat processed meats, of which polony was the most common, followed by viennas, sausages and other cold meats,” Motsoaledi pointed out.

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Capetonian business owner believes that because they do not purchase or sell pork products, his consumers do not need to worry about Listeria.
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David North, group executive of strategy and corporate affairs at Pick n Pay stores, said that following Motsoaledi’s announcement, the group had undertaken to immediately withdraw all products from the manufacturing sites identified.

“Customers who bought any Enterprise product (incl Bokkie, Renown, Lifestyle, Mieliekip), or any Rainbow ready-to-eat products eg. Polony or Russians can return the product for a full refund,” said Pick n Pay in a tweet on Sunday.

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Zandile Nembe (33) says that she is scared to feed her kids any of the meat-related groceries she has recently purchased.
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A statement from the Shoprite Group said: “Customers are invited to return any Enterprise Foods and Rainbow Chicken processed meat – cold meats like polonies, Viennas, Russians etc, products they have at home – for a full refund.”

Woolworths, in a statement, said it had a team of food scientists and technologists who proactively manage food safety to prevent microbial contamination of food.

“As an additional precautionary measure, we are recalling a limited number of viennas and cold meats.”

Woolworths provided a full list of their ready-to-eat products customers can return for a full refund.

Here is the list:

Waferthin Chargrilled Ham 125g
Waferthin Roasted Chicken 125g
Waferthin Smoked Ham 125g
Waferthin Cooked Ham 125g
Waferthin Smoked Chicken 125g
Smoked Viennas 500g
Smoked Viennas 1kg
Red Viennas 500g
Red Viennas 1kg
Cocktail Viennas 375g
Smoked Cheesy Viennas 125g
Bulk Salami Sticks 400g
Salami Sticks 150g
Plain Salami Sticks 85g
Spicy Salami Sticks 85g
Plain Salami Bites 60g
Spicy Salami Sticks 150g
Coriander Salami 85g
Spicy Salami Bites 60g
Smoked and Roasted Gammon 250g
Sliced Lean Ham 125g
Sliced Cooked Ham 250g
Sliced Cooked Ham 125g
Ham Selection 250g
Assorted Cold Meat 250g
Sliced Salami 200g
Salami 100g
German Salami 100g
Sliced Peppered Salami 100g
Local Chorizo
Spicy Salami 100g
Country Ham 125

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