CAPE TOWN – International Red Bull athlete and drift racer Mike Whiddett, popularly known as ‘Mad Mike’, will have Grand West Casino lit as his South African tour hits the shores of the Mother City on September 17.

The event promises to be exciting as ‘Mad Mike’ tears the track up in his drift weapon of choice – the legendary Quad Rotary RX.

Running for its fifth year, the event dubbed “Wheels of Fury” will test Africa’s leading drifters as they clutch kick and counter steer their way through the maniacal drift gauntlet, “Drift X”, which will test the fine line between physics and creativity as athletes’ powerslide below a GoodHope construction truck, among other obstacles.

On the drifting scene in Cape Town, Noer Asmodien of D1S Lifestyle Productions says, “Judging by spectator turn-out at drift events and the ever popular Killarney regularly drawing crowds of motor fans, the local motor and drift culture continues to grow at a fast rate.

“We are proud to be bringing Wheels of Fury to petrolheads in a manner that’s not only exhilarating and fun, but safe because its focus is not only about beating your opponent with speed, but rather with stylish skill and driving technique,” says Asmodien. “Mad Mike is the kind of talent we want to expose Cape Town to.”

This event definitely caters to all motor enthusiasts, their families and even newbies looking for an entertainment extravaganza as it boasts an automotive aftermarket and lifestyle show, an exhibit area to view exotic vehicles.

– African News Agency

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