Malema has really been the journalist ‘blesser’, dishing out quotes that make white people cringe.

The unapologetic politician is known for his sharp comments, and his undeniable passion for wanting land back from whites.

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He started populating social media back in 2010 when he was still the ANC youth leader. He threw a BBC journalist out of a press conference, accusing him of “white tendency” and calling him a “bastard”, “bloody agent” and “small boy”.

TYI went in search of a few memorable quotes, that probably didn’t sit very well with a few external parties…

His recent moment, Malema used the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) memorial service held for Fidel Castro in Soweto to ‘speak out’.

While addressing a crowd he said, “White people must stop crying crocodile tears! We’re not going to kill you! You’re scared because you killed us!”

He continued to say, “We are poor because of whites, we don’t have jobs because of whites, we are dying to sicknesses because of whites!”

The comment of white people being responsible for unemployment, illiteracy and drug abuse amongst black people turned social media into a frenzy.

In an opinion piece by Eusebius McKaiser published on IOL, McKaiser posed a rhetorical question, “Heard the one about Trump and Malema?”

He further added, “His name? Julius Malema. He’s our own Donald Trump. And just as Trump’s Orange Revolution caught everyone off guard, so Malema’s Red Revolution may yet deliver an electoral surprise that upsets both the DA and the ANC.”

While that is still arguable, we still await a reaction from black people, because Malema says if whites don’t return what belongs to blacks, there will be a problem.

“One day we’re going to have an outburst.”

Source: IOL

What Malema blames white people for:

1. “We are poor because of whites, we don’t have jobs because of whites”

2. “White people have damaged the lives of black people.”

3. “We’re dying of diseases because of them.”

4. “We’re illiterate because of them.”

5. “We’ve surrendered to drugs because of you. You owe us a lot.”

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