That Toblerone debate: Who cut the triangles out? That’s what most Brits are asking chocolate brand Toblerone after its smaller bar showed fewer triangles, leaving Brits enraged. The story even ranked number one trending over the US Elections. It went from looking like gravestones to the Pyramids of Giza, just smaller and with gaps. Yes, we do mind the gap as Brits have taken to social media to express their anger and frustration at the brand.

NatGeo’s epic penguin battle: A National Geographic show, ‘Animal Fight Night’ aired a scene involving penguins. The scenario was that a male penguin came home to find out that his wife and the mother of his children had taken in a suitor and moved him into their nest. This ensued a bloody battle between the husband and the lover in dramatic fashion (something from a Telemundo show). The wife then had to choose and chose the lover over the husband.

The internet went crazy over the fight and not long after, memes starting popping up.

Snakes chase a baby iguana – The Musical: Featured on BBC Earth’s Planet Earth featured a baby iguana being chased by a group of snakes. People couldn’t resist the opportunity to set the chase to various themes songs including Benny Hill, Indiana Jones, even Pokemon theme gave us the laughs.

The Mannequin Challenge: A new viral sensation left plenty to the imagination as thousands participated in ‘The Mannequin Challenge’. From the regular Joes to celebrities like Adele and even Hillary Clinton climbed on board. Imagine needing the bathroom but you have to stay “frozen”???

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