We are just a few hours away from the biggest hullabaloo moment within the hip hop scene as MTV Base is gearing up to reveal its annual SA’s Hottest MCs 2016.  This will feature in two back-to-back episodes on December 1st and 2nd on DStv channel 322. Expect meltdowns, Twitter rants, inflated (and deflated) egos and celebrations all round.

2016 was an amazing year for hip hop and a lot has happened within the hip hop scene. Records were released, gold and platinum RiSA certifications, shade was thrown, new styles and strategies were invented, corporate deals were signed and based on that, a panel of industry experts will debate, to put together a list of ten artists who they believe have conquered the music scene of 2016.

This year’s panel of judges whom MTV Base entrusts,  are legendary rapper/MC Amu, DJ and producer DJ Capital, rapper and label owner Slikour, supreme lyricist Tumi, UJfm 16BarRELAODED host Spoken Priestess and Hip Hop activist/rapper, Rashid Kay.

Fans are quite vocal as to which rapper/MC will make the list and who will come out on top:

So, how exactly do you get onto the list?

Check out the criteria: [Watch Video below]