Bloemfontein – If you’ve encountered this naked woman while driving then please call your nearest police station.

Arrive Alive has urged motorists to be vigilant on the road, warning of a new hijacking trend involving this naked woman.

This woman is meant to distract the driver and passengers, while her accomplices lie in wait on the side of the road, hidden from view.

As soon as the driver stops to gawk at the woman, the accomplices pounce, robbing or hijacking the travellers.

This photograph was taken by a truck driver, who reported the scam.

According to him, the incident occurred on the N17 highway near Bloemfontein, but Arrive Alive says it is investigating possible similar incidents elsewhere in the country.

They posted two photos on Twitter over the weekend, warning motorists, especially long distance truckers, to keep an eye out for the naked bandit and her cohorts.

The N17 Highway stretches from Johannesburg along the border of Swaziland and ends in Ermelo, Mpumalanga.

The Twitter post reads: “New hijacking method on N17. Naked women trying to stop truck… colleagues on side of road running to truck door.”

In the two photographs, the woman, her face blurred and private parts discreetly covered by gold stars, can be seen parading in the road.

The unknown woman can even be seen posing, with her arms behind her head, apparently in a bid to distract motorists.

Editor of the Arrive Alive website, Johan Jonck, confirms the AA posted the photos.

“I can confirm that the post is true and that this is a new thing criminals are using to hijack motorists,” he says.

“We [Arrive Alive] are trying our utmost best to get more information on this. We urge motorists, especially long distance truckers who are most times the prey of these syndicates, to please be vigilant on the road and not to stop at all.”

By Monday night, national police did not respond to Daily Voice queries. -Daily Voice

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