In the early hours of Wednesday, scores of Economic Freedom Fighters kicked off the anti-Zuma protests at Church Square in central Pretoria.

Hawker, Thomas Mabena was hoping that the National Day of Action would bring him good fortune.

“I support Juju [Julius Malema] through and through. There is no alternative to him. So today I am here to protest, but my family also has to eat. We all go home happy,” said the father of five.

Numerous police vehicles, including Nyalas were also at the Square.

On Monday, EFF leader Julius Malema warned pro-Zuma activists not to attempt disrupting the mega protest, incorporating numerous opposition political parties.

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Malema said supporters of President Jacob Zuma, whose 75th birthday coincides with the march, must be careful not to interfere with the protest.

The protest incorporates parties that include the EFF, Democratic Alliance, United Democratic Movement, Themba Godi’s African People’s Convention, Congress of the People coincided with President Jacob Zuma’s 75th birthday.

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