While New Zealand’s prime minister-elect Jacinda Ardern is busy finalising a coalition agreement, her cat Paddles is threatening to steal the limelight online.

Days after Ardern became the Pacific country’s designated new leader when minor party New Zealand First declared its support for the country’s Labour Party, her ginger and white cat has made an initial foray onto social media with her own Twitter account, carrying the handle @FirstCatofNZ.

There is speculation that Ardern’s partner, fishing TV show host Clarke Gayford, is behind the social media presence. So far, there’s been no official confirmation as to who is running the account that has published scores of tweets and amassed thousands of followers.

The feline’s Twitter bio describes her as an “Independent cat – not affurliated with the Labour Pawty.”

While her “mother” is taking calls from the likes of Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump, Paddles has been greeted online by the US Ambassador to New Zealand’s ‘Diplo Dog’ Gracie Brown.

Paddles has also already quipped with former Prime Minister John Key’s cat Moonbeam for having “no grip on social media” and “no opposable thumbs,” and made countless jokes about her favourite food, fish, plus a range of social issues.

She also has distinctive opinions on some of Ardern’s policies.

“Tbh lil concerned about action on climate change but I’m trying not to be selFISH. There are better sources of warmth, like a nice lap,” Paddles tweeted.

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