The State of the Nation Address (SONA) will take place tomorrow in Parliament, with President Jacob Zuma deploying intensive military enforcements to make sure that there aren’t any disturbances within SONA proceedings.

President Jacob Zuma has authorised the deployment of 441 soldiers to assist police in security activities for SONA. This being a worrying factor to many South Africans, particularly opposition parties.

During his speech, the President will talk about government’s achievements of the past year and look to the future by presenting a programme for the coming year.

This programme sets out government’s plans to address various key government programmes. The President will address the nation in his capacity as Head of State, not only as Head of Government.

The State of the Nation Address is important for all young South Africans because it tells us what the government’s Programme of Action is for the year ahead.

The Programme of Action is government’s plans for the country and people of South Africa.

The youth have been incredibly vocal about the President’s decision to deploy military tomorrow:

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