Cape Town- Local entertainer, Pam Andrews (32) has announced that she is officially back in South Africa and is ready to stir things up.

Well…”just a little”, she says with the launch of her very own vlog…


The star relocated to Europe in 2015 to support her husband with his business ventures.

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In her first vlog post, she announced that her vlog doesn’t have a name yet and maybe the viewers can help her come up with a name.

(Watch) My 1st Vlog …xx

In the post, she gave us a preview of her new vlogging room where she also admits that this is something that she has been wanting to do for a long time, but has put it off for while.

But this time there’s no turning back, she is excited to jump right into the new project regardless of the fact that she doesn’t have proper equipment yet.

“I’m going to put up some nice decorations and get a great back drop, yep and stuff like that. I’m going to be talking to people and we’ll be doing all sorts of things in here,” she says.

Stay tuned for Pam’s first episode!

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