Singer and songwriter Zahara is making headlines again, not for her music but for her fashion sense.

Social media fashion police have been reacting to the superstar’s fashion choices after she took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself showing off her thighs in a performance costume.

The singer captioned the photo showing off her fierce look, “getting ready for the shoot”.

Her comments section has been busy, since she posted the image. A few fans came to her rescue, defending the star’s choice of clothing and angle.

Zahara is no stranger to social media backlash when it comes to her choice of clothing.

We take a look at some of the infamous Instagram posts, where her fans questioned her style choices:

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1. The heritage inspired look that ‘almost broke the internet’ for all the wrong reasons.

She became a blesser to all those who are meme lovers.

The singer captioned the photo “like the XHOSA lioness I come to conquer.”

Here is what some of her fans had to say about the photo:

Disapproving of her photo, issclaire07 said, “you can take the girl out of the rural but you can’t take the rural out the girl!!!”

Maybe that implied that she was looking rural?

This fan did not really say much about her fashion sense but was more concerned about the pose: “Girl indeed, you know this pose belong to 1960’s, your photographer is not fair, how on earth he/she allows you to pose this way,” said sthuku0Country.

2. The velvet tracksuit was a talk among the Instagram fashion police.

While we understand the velvet was a trend a while back, this one didn’t look good with heels.

The singer captioned the photo on her way to Mozambique, “morning #ZaharaArmy, now off to Mozambique #CountryGirl loves you ?” she said.

Here is what her fans had to say about the photo:

The fan suggested a stylist for Zahara, “American or South African, Ms. Zahara needs someone to dress her. Regardless of her choice to wear heels with the tracksuit which, according to some of us is a no-no.”

The fan later suggested that Zahara should wear something that works for her personal look.

“We are not hating at all but this is out. In fact, the majority of what our country girl wears is out. Believe you me, this is coming from a loving heart. Zahara takes it as such… but it just doesn’t work for you,” said Banele Bavu.

3. The Beyonce Knowles-Carter inspired look where she wore shorts and a sweater.

The singer’s image showed a pic mixed with herself and Beyonce with the same pose.

This is how the singer captioned the photo,”as we gaze into the future all praise to the most high ? Zee and Bee #countrygirl.”

As we gaze into the future all praise to the most high ? Zee and Bee #countrygirl

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Here is how some of her fans reacted to the photo:

I_am_manasa said “Zahara shouldnt have access to the internet. I feel like you don’t need the internet like other celebs. Your voice works wonders for you, nana”