About Adri Senekaldewet:

Adri Senekaldewet is the Executive Editor of South Africa’s leading national daily business newspaper, Business Report.

Senekaldewet with a team of sub-editors, graphic artists and photographers – offers readers their skills, commitment and independent opinions to enable said audience to score goals by providing quality and unique content through their various media platforms, to grow your businesses, to profile your people and announce your achievements.

Business Report is South Africa’s leading daily national business newspaper, with more than 1 million readers per day, ranging from private investors, entrepreneurs, managers from the shop floors of the smallest companies to executives of leading multinational conglomerates, top government bureaucrats and cabinet ministers.

Senekaldewet has been entrusted by Independent Media’s executive chairman, Dr Iqbal Surve, with this important media title and is committed to fight for every inch of truth and insight that will contribute towards the growth and success of readers and advertisers.

This phenomenal female Editor strives to bridge the gap between our government, business, employees and the jobless by offering leaders in-depth, well researched and informative content through Independent Media’s integrated multi-platform media solutions.

What makes Adri Senekaldewet phenomenal and Why TYI adores her:

Working in an intense media environment, requires grit and steel from its editors and their teams. As a young editor of TYI, I’ve looked towards female figures within the media environment to help me navigate these exciting and gruelling waters. Adri is an unsung hero, offering advice and constant feedback.

Beneath the absolutely confident and optimistic demeanor, is a woman determined to change the world for the better. She has focused her actions as an editor towards the transformation of our society. She is adept at implementing strategies and sustainable projects to radically empower those previously deprived from the right to compete, produce, manufacture or own a business, a house or even a bank account.

She has been integral in facilitating dialogue on pressing issues of national importance such as transformation and ownership of the media, sustainability of small commercial and community print and the promotion of content diversity.

What I’ve learnt from Senekaldewet is that success stories are absolutely essential to our African audience yet they are always missing from the narrative. As editors, we need to maintain a mediatic balance; not all is gloomy and subjective, and those that have succeeded or are succeeding ought to be granted a platform to share their stories. This is the case with regards to Business Report and TYI (The Young Independents).

Adri at home, from the perspective of her daughter, Richelle:

Growing up with a mother like mine, I learnt that the foundation of our relationship was based on mutual respect, hard work and kindness. Most of all, it was the happiness and laughter we revelled in as mother and daughter navigating through this journey of life.

Her guidance came in the form of teaching me, sometimes firmly but never in a condescending or dogmatic manner. She listened and she advised.

Despite our good relationship I always wondered what our commonalities were. She prefers green, I rotate towards pink. I love take out, she prefers vegetables. She’s a cat person, and I am a dog person.

However the small differences, I am always in constant admiration of her. There is one undeniable love we share, and it’s our obsession with words. This has guaranteed the intersection of our professional lives; both of us striving to change the world with a stroke of our pen.

When she was appointed as the editor of Business Report, it honestly did not shock me since I knew her insight and optimism was necessary for the newsroom and the country. It was a refreshing change.

Yes, as a daughter, I often glaze over when handed unwanted advice however as I grow, I’ve begun to absorb the example my mother has set.

I am now encouraged to pursue her vision and relate to her life lessons. My mom also has a particular way of balancing her tone of kindness when she writes as well as adopting a ruthlessness towards those who are unjust. She is my inspiration and she should be yours too.

In the spirit of Women’s Month, here is my advice acquired through my mother’s example:

Love yourself and make yourself a priority. It’s only when you are happy yourself, can you make everyone else around you happy.

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