Queen B AKA Queen of Slayage has an un-doubtful ability of being the only person in South Africa who makes a fashion statement in any occasion. Take her to New York, Durban July or the Red carpet – she never disappoints. All you have to expect is hammer slayage. She has a way of making other women in the room regret their dress choices. The designer and the dress itself becomes iconic [except for the international designer Bonang hired for the MAMAs].

We’ve lost count of the number of times Queen B has stolen the show with her outfits. But this dress she wore last night at the 3rd Annual All Africa Music Awards in Lagos was just on another level. The dress in an extra ordinary type of Afro-Luxe Couture, designed with a pattern of playful-yet-sophisticated beads, and revealing Bonang’s sexy feminism features is what we call, the perfect definition of an African Queen.

We all used to think that no one could beat Gert Coetzee’s standards with dressing Queen B, however after last night we all had to think twice. Could this mean that Gert Coetzee should upgrade his standards because Iconic Invanity, the Nigerian designer collection is in the house..?

Nancy Nwadire, the gorgeous and insanely talented woman is the Creative Director of Iconic Invanity. The fashion guru, believes that her first brush with fashion occurred as she watched her mother create hand-crafted dresses for her siblings. Her love for colour and pretty sparkly things later paved way for her to start recreating her own clothes, which she purchased off the rack and then reinvented to her taste.

“My personal significance to attention to detail is for the owner to have something that is timeless, beautiful and wearable; pieces that everyone would fall in love with,” says Nwadire.

Designing a garment takes more than putting pieces of material together, designing a garment is a way of non-verbal communication-putting the pieces tell the story of the wearer; a woman who is confident and elegant at all times, added Nwadire.

How can we even start to debate that Queen B didn’t love the dress, when it made her change her Twitter profile picture?

This iconic dress was one in a few that Bonang posted more than once on her Instagram and still got fans crazy…

ICUM Bonang’s look:


Time to sparkle & shine….

Here is what Facebook has to say about the iconic dress…

Slay like Queen B 

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