What: Juju and his EFF squad made their way down to Newcastle Magistrates Court to urge his supporters to take back and invade land on South African soil #landgrab

Where: Newcastle, KZN

When: 7 November 2016

Why: The EFF leader, Julius Malema is facing a charge for contravening the riotous assemblies act of 1956. This means that Malema reportedly told EFF supporters in June that whites had no claim to South African land because they brought no land with them when they colonised us.

Top quotes from EFF in Newcastle, 7 November 2016:

1. #Ndlozi: “Whenever you find unused land, know that that it is your land. You must occupy it because it is yours. Thank you!”

2. #Malema: “The real criminals are not in court, De Klerk is not in court, but we are in court for asking for our land. #HandsOffCIC”

3. #Malema: “Them asking us to pay for our land is like someone stealing your car, bringing it back but demanding money! #HandsOffCIC”

4. #Malema: “I’ve dealt with real stuff before. This is nothing. We have not committed a crime! We’re asking for what belongs to us. #HandsOffCIC”

5. #Malema: The struggle was formed for the land! The ANC and PAC were formed for the land! We’re continuing the journey! #HandsOffCIC

6. #Malema: “Before we know it, we won’t be able to even occupy the streets. You’ll be jailed for asking for jobs. #HandsOffCIC”

7. #Malema: “South Africa is gone. Our country is on auto-pilot. We are like a plane without a pilot”

8. Malema: “We are not yet uhuru”

9. “Malema: I’m here to disturb the white man’s peace”

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