Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said he fully supports calls for a judicial commission of inquiry into allegations of State capture, adding that the inquiry must leave no stone unturned.

“When we talk about issues, particularly one issue that has been the big elephant in our room, which is State capture. We should welcome the decision of the NEC of the ANC. This matter was discussed and it was announced that the NEC supports the establishment of a judicial inquiry into allegations of State capture. That is an important decision,” Ramaphosa addressed a gathering of the Cosatu central committee in Pretoria.

“The ANC wants this decision to be implemented. It doesn’t want this decision to be put at the bottom of the cupboard. It must be implemented because this State capture issue is busy eating the African National Congress away.

“One of the reasons why I support this decision…we want people to clear their names. We want the truth to free us. We want the African National Congress to return to its core business. The ANC must go back to what it was formed for. We must stop fighting side struggles and fighting one another,” Ramaphosa said to applause.

“That commission must be established, come what may. It is also important that the terms of reference of that commission should allow for a thorough in depth investigation of the extent of undue influence from whatever quarter on the institutions of the State.”

“To prevent these stories we keep hearing, of emails and all these things coming out of the woodwork all the time, the appointment of Brian Molefe and so on, the commission must commence its work and it must have terms of reference that go the depths of what this issue is.”

Ramaphosa emphasised that he was personally supportive of the highly punted investigation.

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