Introducing Caz Crown: A pen doodler, LGBTQI advocate, proud weirdo and South African millennial. She is outspoken, observant and authentic, more importantly, she is relatable.

Here are her thoughts on the #ListeriosisOutbreak:

Howzit my people!!!

News report in, kids pay attention!

Here are 10 important things to know about the polony and vienna drama:

1. The current Listeriosis outbreak is the largest ever in South Africa, according to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD). Serious shid guys. But as YoungstaCPT would say, “YAAAAASIS my bra!”

2. The outbreak started in June 2017. Mara from then to now, and the Januaryness / Valentine’s what-what broke struggle made it impossible to give up on the polony and vetkoek… πŸ˜₯Tough times man.

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3. To date, 180 people have died and over 900 people have received medical care after being infected. That’s hella a lot of vetkoek deaths. That’s why I only eat it with cheese.

4. The current mortality rate is around 27 percent. Twenty teen seventy percent yoh!!! Bigger problems than Zuma neh…

5. Symptoms can take up to 70 (damn) days to manifest and can include fever, muscle aches and a runny tummy. And guys when it’s running, wena can’t catch it. It’s running like a headlessness chicken for true.

6. People with impaired immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women and infants are most prone to infection.

7. The health department has identified ready-to-eat products like cold meats, viennas, russians and yes the infamous polony as the source of the outbreak.

Easy meals are now sleazy meals.

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8. Two major manufacturers, Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken, issued recall notices for their products, leading to retailers like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers and Woolworths recalling a selection of their products as well as house brand processed meat products.

πŸ˜‚ Side dish killed by polony? No man.

9. Listeria monocytogenes continues to multiply in refrigerated raw foods. If you don’t have a fridge and saw it as a problem, my dude you’re blessed right about now. The heat would have cooked out the disease in your case. Go ahead and chow 😱 I’m kidding. I’m no Doctor 😢.

10. Cooking kills the listeria monocytogenes bacterium. Listen up now, get the listeria out, slow cook, and savour.

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Wena – You
Shid – Polite way of saying sh*t
Side dish – Synonym for Side Chick
Mara- However