At 26-years-old, Emilia Malavoloneque, also known as Mila Malavoloneke, has achieved what many people can only dream of in a lifetime.

A law graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) with a postgraduate degree in Maritime Studies from the University of Kwazulu- Natal, Mila’s professional career spans the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation. Her speciality is trade and how it is leveraged as a tool to boost industrial and inclusive economic growth in Africa.

She is currently a Corporate Communications Director for Grupo Neosol Investimentos S.A., a young Angolan investment company focused on the development of local products and services. Besides her academic and career achievements, Malavoloneke created the first and only youth-centric magazine and media house in Angola, Jovens da Banda – Youth of Angola.

It seeks to empower, celebrate and assist young people in the country, and across Africa, to spearhead positive change and chart a new course towards inclusive societies.

Infographic by TYI

At the executive board of Neosol, Malavoloneke’s main challenge is to assist in the management of institutional communication ensuring that the diverse companies of the group, mainly newly joined start-ups, have their goals and objectives aligned and are rightly targeting its audience.

Speaking about her work and why she chose to fully embrace Neosol, Malavoloneke, a versatile multi-tasking go-getter, explains that her goal is to help change the African narrative, starting with allowing local entrepreneurs to progress by having the required mentorship and investment.  

“Mentorship and investment go hand in hand. What we often hear from African governments when it comes to the promise of investing in start-ups, is their willingness to allocate lines of credit for this purpose. Our authorities believe that if capital is given, grit and hard work are sufficient for good results. 

“I am learning that while these things can indeed take you far, they’re not a substitute for the experiential knowledge that comes from heading up an established company. I am learning that in order to secure the success of a start-up, disregarding the importance of an extensive network of mentors and advisors is blocking an instrument that can lead to long-term sustainability.”

She added that Neosol had a range of investments in sectors such as health, hospitality, construction, oil, media, and manufacturing.
“At Neosol, we are advisors that have the ability to tap into the equity of the company we’re helping, which can be lucrative if the business proves successful,” said the young enthusiast.

Mila is aware of her professional responsibilities and doesn´t take for granted the opportunity which she was given and claims that she has the necessary tools to excel. “I decided to put on hold my career in international organisations, believing that it is time for Africans to make Africa better,” she said.