Sensational cricket superstar, Kagiso Rabada is among those who hold the hopes and dreams of the South African national team. 

Rabada made his debut against India in November 2015 and since then he has become a decisive force, proving himself to be the go-to-guy for the nation when it comes to fast bowling. 

It was to him that the coach turned to when one of the regulars sustained an injury. And Rabada did not disappoint, securing himself a permanent spot in the national cricket side. 

At 23 years old Rabada has joined the list of formidable sporting icons that South Africa has produced. This supremely gifted athlete has also secured himself a spot in the coveted corridors of the world’s great sports people. 

His performance against Australia was testimony that barring major injuries, Rabada still has many victories to secure for his team and South Africa. 

His modesty and willingness to learn are attractive character hallmarks. Responding to praise that he was the most experienced and natural leader of the bowlers, he recently said:  “I’ve not come to grips with that phrase, ‘I’m the leader’ and much is expected of me. I know I have a responsibility as an opening bowler. 

“Out of all the bowlers (here), I have the most experience. In that way I am leading, (but) I don’t see myself as much of a leader. I have a responsibility to perform and if anyone wants help, I’m here to give out suggestions. Team effort is the priority.”

As the Cricket World Cup fast approaches, Rabada has not lost focus of excelling in current assignments. “I’m thinking about what is happening in this series, that is the priority. 

“Obviously you work towards the World Cup and you want to hit a certain level where you want to be playing at your best. Right now I’m thinking about playing here and how to be clear here right now,” he said in an IOL interview.

He also told the media that whilst there are many people who are in the limelight for what they do, he also looks up to people who are changing people’s lives one small act at a time. 

“I look up to anybody who does stuff that inspires other people. We regularly hear about some of their stories on TV, but there are many others who do small things that change the circumstances of other people. If you lead a life like that, I look up to you,” he said.