Michael Mulunga is an emerging entrepreneur and owner of National Poultry Enterprise (NPE), a business that supplies day-old chickens, poultry equipment, and provides technical advice to small and middle scale poultry farmers around in and around Namibia. 

The 29-year-old Mulunga has trained over 300 small-scale farmers in Namibia and has so far assisted 20 farmers into creating their own sustainable poultry enterprises. 

His interest in poultry dates back in university when he was conducting research in the poultry industry Mulunga realised that he was left with more questions than answers which led him to enrolling for a short course at the KwaZulu Natal Poultry Institute. He later did an extensive course at the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture in Cairo, Egypt.

Upon his return to Namibia, Mulunga saw the need for poultry equipment and supply of day-old chicks in the market and through the NPE, he bridged the gaps. 

Word soon spread about the success of his enterprise and he began receiving calls from other farmers requesting training which Mulunga was happy to provide.

Inforgraphic by TYI

Malunga has come a long way and has accolades to prove that, one being that in 2015,  he was entered into the Namibia Business Hall of Fame, which is a remarkable achievement for emerging entrepreneurs. 

The farmer strongly believes that young people have a vital role to play in the development of the African continent, starting with food production, because in the age of technology no one person on the African continent should go hungry.

He added that with the growth of technology the youth could easily create ways to increase food production to ensure that food reaches all those in need. For youth development, he aspires to grow the organisation to reach all corners of Namibia to improve the livelihoods of young people in the country.