Twin Mosia is the founder and curator at Elandskop Museumn which is based in the small town of Mamafubedu, Petrus Steyn in the Free State. 

The museum which is currently being run virtually, will be housed at an old Transnet train station in the Free State and is set to launch in September 2019.

Driven by his passion for South African history, culture, heritage and the environment, Mosia saw a career in curating as an opportunity to contribute towards nation-building and social cohesion. 

Since meeting historian Dr Van Zyl at the Anglo Boer War Museum in Bloemfontein back in 2013, Mosia was encouraged to pursue his passion through history. Through the virtual museum tourism, in the small town of Mamafubedu, is already improving drastically. 

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In 2016 Mosia was awarded the Golden Shield National Heritage Award in the Young Heritage Activist category. He also made history when he became the first young, black African to be honoured with the Simon van der Stel Gold Medal by the Heritage Association of South Africa since the award’s inception in 1969. Mosia admits that his journey has been lonely, but persistence has enabled the realisation of his dream.  

One of the various platforms Mosia visits to raise awareness on heritage, culture and the environment in his community is the Sol Plaatje University. He has also been invited to contribute towards a book, as well as contribute in international documentaries and writing of essays about his work.
In 2017 Mosia was named by the Mail & Guardian as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans in the civil society category and was awarded the Kudu Award by South African National Parks for his work in heritage conservation. Twin is also the bronze award winner in the Eco-Warrior category for the 2018 Eco-Logic Awards. He has been selected as one of News24’s 100 Young Mandela’s of the Future. 

Inforgraphic by TYI

Mosia’s long term goal is to develop a research and archiving hub at the museum, where he will exhibit historical works in collaboration with other like-minded historians subsequently he also aims to contribute to the small town’s economic development and create employment.