Wezi Mzumara is the personification of life’s general rule that luck is when hard work meets opportunity. 

Mzumara’s life is testament to her internationalist upbringing which spans three countries; Ethiopia where she was born, the UK where she lived for 10 years and Malawi where she is currently based. 

Passionate about the need to tell the warm stories of Africa and contributing to a positive image of the vibrant continent Mzumara founded Kwanza PR, a creative media agency based in Malawi. 

“Africa needs generational thinkers, who won’t look to rely on financial capital support or injections to start something, but young people who recognise that the knowledge and skills they possess can change the world,” she says.

Her efforts in profiling positive stories from Malawi are astounding, and her dedication to helping youth and women succeed in the creative industries is evident from her work. She has been a pillar in the fashion and creative industries in Malawi under Mzuzu Fashion Week which she co-founded.

As a media graduate in public relations, media and events have been a part of her life for a long time. The inspiration to set up Kwanza PR and establish Mzuzu Fashion Week was driven by her passion for communications and curiosity about the possibilities presented by digital marketing channels – which have been an area of interest for her over the last 10 years.

Infographic by TYI

The trailblazer looks up to Ebony Life’s Mo Abudu as one of the continent’s greatest media successes. She is also inspired by personal development and growth, hard work and perseverance.

Important to Mzumara is the understanding that all young people have a part to play in shaping Africa’s narrative and building the Africa that we want to see tomorrow.

Her vision is to accelerate efforts towards promoting positive stories that come out of Malawi, specifically focused on the world of beauty, fashion and luxury, and influence the world to appreciate and experience what Malawi and the continent have to offer.