The internet loves nothing more than a good meme to throw shade with and the saltbae meme is just that. If you haven’t heard the name of the Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, then you may better recognise the viral video of the foodie star that earned him the name “Salt Bae.”

#Saltbae memes have only started trending one social media this week but in his native Turkey, Gökçe has been a well-known fixture in the restaurant industry for quite some time and has been particularly popular for the way he handles his meat.

Social media was quite intrigued by his sexy salting technique hence the widely-circulated memes that shows him dramatically salty his meat.

The origins of the saltbae memes are still unknown and no one has come forward on Twitter claiming to have started the trend but there is no doubt to where he got the name from, the “salt” part of “saltbae” is quite clear, salt, salt, salt.

In less than a few days of the Turkish saltbae trending, Africa has found its own saltbae and it looks like he is bringing more drama.

In a viral video of Africa’s own saltbae show him slicing what seems to look like an avocado, and dramatically salting it just like the famous saltbae. We have spotted a few of his memes so far, we wait in anticipation to see how far his fame will go.

In case you have missed the seasoning season, here are few memes to help you catch up.

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