JOHANNESBURG – Renowned entrepreneurs and well developed business experts shared their knowledge on how to grow and sustain their businesses within the corporate world at a three-day Small Business Expo held at the Ticketpro Dome.

The three-day workshop that started yesterday, concluding tomorrow, is aimed at developing and empowering entrepreneurs which includes a panel of three business gurus who took attendees through an overview of what needs to be done when embarking on a journey within the corporate world.

Tshepo Phakathi, CEO of Phakathi Holdings who was part of the panel addressed the attendees regarding the insights into business strategies such as how one can succeed, how to prepare mentally for failure, the characteristics of a game change and, how to communicate your brand and business idea.

“One needs to equip themselves with all the necessary skills to participate meaningful in the world of business, an entrepreneur may be very skilled in their field, but being equipped with the expert knowledge about how to start, run and grow a business, they have a much stronger chance at succeeding.” he said

Economist at Nascence Advisory and Research Xhanti Payi also shared a couple of advises with regards to the process of getting a business loan. “Every entrepreneur has to come up with strategies that will convince and prove to the bank that they will be able to give the money back and that requires one to have a bankable business plan” he said

Head of Franchise and Enablement,business Banking and Barclays Africa Dumisani Bengu also gave an overview of what entrepreneurs need to know before embarking on a business journey. “Entrepreneurs need to take risks, when their plans fail they continue over and over again until they get it right” he said

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