The lady in the yellow dress spotted at the Metro Awards (MMA16) on Saturday managed to steal the spotlight from the music scene, the awards ceremony and all the metro FM drama, with her revealing yellow dress.

She captioned her video which showcases the outfit under “Umzimba ungausabisi” loosely translating into, “Don’t be afraid to show off your body”.

She is a self-proclaimed house DJ and has been trying to break into the music industry for a while now and with the attention that her dress brought to the Metro awards it seems that she may have just found a way in.

Everyone has been wondering what the motive behind the dress was. Turns out the dress was not only for the attention, it was also to create a hype around the release of her new track entitled “Umzimba”.

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She took to Twitter to break the news of her track release – #Umzimba and that the album will debut in April.

Her track is intended to encourage women to be proudly comfortable in their bodies without a shred of shame.

(The outfit she rocked at the Metro Awards is evidence that she practises what she preaches).

(See video below of her Umzimba Metro awards outfit)

Umzimba ungausabisi

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Although the Metro awards was a big hit to many South Africans, the lady’s dress seemed to have left an indelible mark within the audience’s memories, with a trending hashtag dubbed- #Skolopad.

The mysterious lady in the yellow dress goes by the name of Nonhlanhla Qwaba, with her stage name being Skolopad.

She describes herself as a kwaito artist, dancer and performer.

If you were shocked by her yellow dress at the Metro awards, get rid of your bemused expression.

It’s actually a norm for Nonhlanhla who is known for her revealing clothes and her rebellious poses.

(See Gallery below)

Doom enketsang😂😂😂

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Morning😉Sky is da limit

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Skolopad Music

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Social media reacts to her infamous yellow dress:

-Jane Folodi

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