Cape Town- South Africa is known for its Rainbow Nation, a title that refers to the incredible diversity of its people, culture and languages.

The term dates back to the original inhabitants of SA, the Khoi San people who are argued to be the first people to populate this beautiful land.

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In townships (informal settlements) where black and coloured people are situated, with different cultures and slang, the language barrier is often an issue.

The inhabitats started developing a language called “Tsotsi taal”, formed by a variety of mixed languages mainly spoken in the townships of the Gauteng province (such as Soweto).

In different South African townships tsotsi taal varies to suit the people that are living in that specific location.

Did you know?

The word Tsotsi means thug or robber in Sotho language and taal means language in Afrikaans.

For one to survive and blend in our beautiful rainbow nation, one should at least equip themselves with the following day-to-day tsotsi taal.

South African Tweeps teach you the basics of tsotsi taal…

See words and explanations below:

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