|“Black women’s bodies do not stand for the South African nation… nor are we proxies for what men fight over”|

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Gender equality is one of the most gruelling issues to plunge headfirst into. Essentially its the fight for equal opportunities for both men and female in society.

There is no doubt that Jonathan Shapiro aka Zapiro is the master of political satire in South Africa.

Zapiro ain’t afraid to face controversy with regards to his tongue-in-cheek cartoons, nor is he ashamed when enduring the outrage of those he offends.

Zapiro’s ‘rape’ cartoon has yet again skirted the social media storm.

As the famous quote by Edgar Degas goes, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.

For a recap, the cartoon is entitled: “She’s all Yours, Boss!” and was published for The Daily Maverick.

The cartoon depicts President Jacob Zuma zipping up his trousers as one of the Gupta brothers gets ready to “rape” South Africa, depicted as a woman, with State Security Minister David Mahlobo, Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini and The New Age editor Moegsien Williams holding her down.

Here’s where the sh*t hits the fan:

The ‘rape’ cartoon sparked major criticism. According to Times Live, Zapiro responded, “I know that it’s shocking. People have said why use the rape. I am using it because it is shocking but I think that you can see‚ any viewer can see the empathy that would be generated by this cartoon for the person who is being raped.”

Regardless of Zapiro’s response to his latest work, the commission for gender equality finds his work despicable and distasteful.

“Rape by its own definition dehumanises human beings. It is a trauma that those that have not been subjected to it think little of it,” says the commission for gender equality.

Although South Africa have been ranked 15 by The World Economic Forum in their latest (2016) edition of its annual Global Gender Gap report it is disturbing to find that after 23 years since democracy women are still depicted as inferior in society making reference to the latest Zapiro cartoon where a female figure is pinned down, vulnerable and helpless.

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