I believe that there are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that knows how to save, and the kind that simply can’t figure out how to save. It’s all chalked down to discipline.

My theory is that when we grow up, our folks might have uttered these words along the way – “Child, you deserve nothing less than the best”.

With that statement in tow, we formed the notion that we’d rather have a Magnum than a R2.50 ice cream cone.

We figured that we’d rather have Jo Malone soap, than a Pick n pay No name bar of soap that costs far less. See we became entitled along the way…

However, its a huge issue when your pay check doesn’t relate to the lifestyle you believe you deserve.

Phindile Shozi, a millennial in every sense of the word has compiled a list below of the nuttiest things peopleĀ have doneĀ for money…

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