|“Where South Africa appears on the agenda again, let it be because we want to discuss what its contribution shall be to the making of the new African renaissance.” – Nelson Mandela|

When South Africa’s youth make headline news, it is often in response to a crisis – education, decolonisation, unemployment – and mostly framed by protests or violence.

We don’t pay enough attention, or give enough audience to where our youth are showing leadership that is proactive, innovative and inspired.

It’s the kind of leadership that we, as the old guard, could do well to take notice, as much as notes. The Young Independents is taking note. We are watching and learning how South Africa’s youth are creating a new style of leadership, one that is dynamic and innovative, passionate and purposeful.

And they are leading, whether we are ready for it or not. But as exciting as this new wave of dynamic leadership is, it does not recuse us, the current leadership, from our most important and pressing role – as mentors and guides. Our youth need our support as much as our approval, which is exactly what The Young Independents aims to do.

By creating this youth platform, it aims to celebrate as much as facilitate dialogue, knowledge sharing and innovation, whether on these pages, on our digital platform www.tyi.co.za or through the networks and seminars we make available to them.

That way, when South Africa’s youth appear in the media or on the political agenda again, let it be because we want to discuss and support their contribution to this new African regeneration.

Let it be because we want to listen and understand how they see us working together, to nurture a productive youth generation that will build a prosperous Africa.

African Youth: Be your Own Liberator.

We support you.

– Mike Ntsasa: Group Executive, Independent Media

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