Back in the day having more than one piercing in your earlobes was considered “rebellious”. Nowadays, having two or even three piercings through your earlobe and anywhere else on the face doesn’t raise eyebrows anymore and is “cool”.

Body piercings have become so popular that no one blinks an eye when they see a piercing in an odd place such as through your cheeks and eyebrows.

In the same way, that tattoo designs and placements go through trends, so do body piercings. Thankfully, piercings are far less permanent.

Here’s a list of some of the piercings that are popular right now:

1. Industrial piercings

This piercing is often referred to as a “bar” or “scaffold” piercing and it’s become extremely popular over the past few years. It’s different to other piercings and has an edgier look. Not one for the faint-hearted since this piercing involves getting two holes at the same time.

The piercing goes across the cartilage of the upper ear using a bar.

2. Septum Piercings

Celebrities like Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz have made this piercing quite popular. The septum sits at the tip of your nose and the piercing goes through the cartilage that separates your nostrils. One of the downsides of this piercing is that every time you sneeze or need to wipe your nose you’ll be reminded that it’s there.

3. Daith and the rook piercing

These two piercings are quite similar since they are located in the same area. Both are in the innermost curves of the ear.

The daith being the curvy part that closes the earhole and the rook above the daith. They are both cartilage folds. The daith piercing is more popular and apparently this piercing is meant to ease migraines.

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4. The tragus

Situated next to the daith and rook, the tragus isn’t curvy. It’s the skin that covers the opening of the ear canal. When you want to close your ears, that’s the part of your ear you use to cover the hole with. It’s softer than the daith and rook making it less painful to pierce.

5. Labret

Labret piercings can be referred to as a lip piercing,more specifically the bottom lip. It can be either a stud or a ring.

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