Rugby is an enjoyable sport, so make it even more enjoyable by understanding the lingo…

Here are Top 10 Rugby terms you should know:

Blood bin – when a player has a blood injury and is bleeding, the player is sent off for a maximum of 15 minutes to receive treatment for the injury and can return to the field after the bleeding injury has been treated.

Back ball – when a ball is kicked out and enters touch play is restarted by a line-out at the point where the ball left the field. If the ball is kicked out on the full (did not touch the field as it was kicked out) the line-out is taken from where the ball was kicked and not where it entered touch, this known as back ball.

Kick tennis – a style of play. The ball is kicked repeatedly from hand to the opposition back and forth like a tennis match.

TMO – the Television Match Official, the video referee.

Crash ball – An attacking tactic whereby a player receives the ball at pace and crashes into the opposition’s defence line. This is done to commit two or more of the opposition’s players to tackling one player thus creating an overlap.

Pack – a name for used for the forwards (numbers 1-8) especially when scrumming down.

Full house – scoring a try, conversion, penalty and drop goal in the same game.

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Garryowen – when the ball is kicked at short distance, but high up onto or behind the defending team.

Hospital pass – the receiver of the ball has already been marked and the opposing player is bearing down so rapidly that as soon as the receiver gets the ball he is smashed hard by the opposing tackler.

Shoeing – when a ruck is formed over players involved in the tackle at the breakdown. Players who find themselves on the opposition side of the ruck and cannot move are moved by players standing on their feet, the standing players use their boots to move them away. It is illegal.

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