Picture a balmy summer’s July day, the glorious African sun hitting your body at just the right angle as you take a sip of your Bouka cocktail, a traditional Tunisian beverage made with fig liqueur. 

The feeling of grainy white sand between your toes as you look across the calm, pristine emerald-green waters in awe of the beauty of Africa – surely this has to be paradise.

As countries look to pick up the pieces after the devastation caused by Covid-19, African countries that have been least affected by the coronavirus pandemic are slowly starting to return to “normal” and they’re welcoming you back to their shores with open arms.


For many African countries, tourism is the lifeblood of their economies and contributes tremendously to the livelihoods of millions of people who graciously strive to make your experience in their country one to remember.

Countries such as Tunisia have already reopened their international borders and are eagerly awaiting the return of thousands of tourists to enjoy a melting pot of experiences in one of Africa’s most beautiful countries. 

After three months of border closures, tourists will now have the opportunity to hop onto a plane and soak up the hot Mediterranean sun on some of north Africa’s most spectacular beaches.

Tunisia, which is the northern-most point of the African continent, boasts some of the world’s most inviting beaches that can rival the likes of the iconic Bondi Beach in Australia and Clifton Beach in South Africa.

According to a 2019 report by Mosaic North Africa Tours, these are Tunisia’s top five beaches, in no particular order, that you simply have to visit.


The La Marsa area is most notable for its beautiful beaches. It has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunis, according to Mosaic North Africa, and features emerald-green waters and white sands.

The second most beautiful beach in Tunisia, writes Mosaic North Africa, is Kerkennah, also known as the forgotten archipelago. It is a place of wild beaches, clear sea and excellent seafood restaurants. You will be seduced by the beauty of the Kerkennah islands.

With a recent development that has furnished the city with an elegant marine, Porto Corallo, Tabarka, has transformed into a resort not to be missed. The waters of Tabarka feature caves and forgotten treasures, and Mosaic North Africa pins this as a great place for avid scuba divers.

El Haouaria is a small village in Cap Bon which offers wonderful scenery, including golden beaches, green hills and crystal-clear water.

Picture: Pexels

And to round off Mosaic North Africa’s list of the top beaches to visit in Tunisia, Hammamet is a beautiful coastal city and a major destination for outings. It features a wide range of varied infrastructure and plenty of water sports to choose from. Hammamet offers beaches of white sand and excellent resorts.

-ANA; Editing by Yaron Blecher