A TikToker has grown in popularity on the app after launching her hilarious ‘Deaf Kardashian series’ where she acts out scenes from the reality show with ‘sassy’ sign language.

Scarlet May, 19, from Washington DC, has gained over 484,000 followers on the video sharing platform, and wracked up millions of views on her hilarious Deaf Kardashian series.

In the clips, the Tiktoker dresses up as the famous sisters and signs along to some of the most famous scenes from the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The videos have had social media users in hysterics, with one excited fan commenting: ‘I’m obsessed with your Kardashian videos, they’re so much more entertaining than the real show lmao.’

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Scarlet recently revealed on her YouTube channel that she began losing her hearing when she was just three-years-old, although she is yet to reveal the health reason why, and she quickly learnt to sign.

The teen, who attends university in the US, began posting ‘Deaf Kardashians’ a few months ago, and often often plays multiple sisters in each TikTok video.

She opts for quick, Kardashian-style outfit changes while rapidly signing away to some of the programme’s most iconic scenes. 

The teenager has quickly gained thousands of fans, with over 1.3 million users watching a recent compilation of some of the most popular Kardashian scenes.


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One delighted fan commented: ‘You have the most sassiest ASL I have ever seen! I love it.’

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘You need your own show!! I love this.’

‘You are so elegant and classy,’ a third added, ‘I want to be more like you, but my movement aren’t smooth all.’

Others said they hoped Scarlet’s hilarious series would catch the attention the famous sisters, with one commenting: ‘I’m waiting for the Kardashians to react to you. This series is so good.’


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As well as the hilarious series,  the teenager recently shared the importance of closed captioning on the site.

She posted: ‘I don’t think you actually understand how we feel to watch millions of videos and not have one idea what you guys are saying because you simply decided to not add closed captioning. 

‘Imagine if I decided to make this video and not add closed captioning, you hearing people would be completely left out and lost.’