Slipper Day is my favourite day of the year. Superseded by no Bra day, of course. πŸ˜‰

Going to work or school in slippers feels so liberating.

Its that moment when you realise you feel half dressed and you grin to yourself.

The actual original #WokeUpLikeThis look…


Today is finally slipper day, and I know you were so thankful this morning for this trend because it was sh#t cold.

People have really made this day their own, with super creative slipper innovations.

Obviously this was a day of inspiration to millennials who want to showcase their brilliant and eclectic slipper ideas.

1. The fantasy

The working world is so boring and stoic. So today have as much fun as possible. Even though it is just slippers, it is still a start.

2. Colour is important

Be bold or be old.

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3. Release the beast

Even Jacaranda is joining in on the fun, and showing off their fearless ‘pantoffies’.

4. Emoji’s in motion

If you struggle to show people how you feel, you can always rely on your shoes to do that for you.

5. Anti-corporate wear

Today pencil skirts and heels were not applicable.

So now, we just have to wait for no Bra day to have ‘fun’ again. πŸ’

– Richelle Neethling

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