With the 1st of April just around the corner; we thought we’d feature some of the greatest April Fool’s pranks ever played by some of the biggest companies in SA for all you laugh-a-holics.

1. First up, we have the country’s ‘favorite’ man who has had his fair share of parody in the media; President Jacob Zuma.

When TimesLive announced that Zuma would be studying a Bcom to outdo Malema; people flipped! Probably because he’s already such an infamous personality due to media coverage.

People were also concerned as to why our president would want to study for a degree, when he doesn’t even have a Grade 5 qualification.

Also, he should’ve been more concerned about running the country.

But of course, folks calmed down once they realised it was all just a joke.

2. The Joburg Minibus Lane.

Last year, BusinessTech did an article on how the minibus taxis would be getting their own lane as well as a dedicated map route for them to follow.

This actually sounds pretty good…imagine how easily traffic would flow without those inconsiderate random stops to pick people up or the road rage towards taxis and vice versa.

It’s not happening though. BOO.

3. Bicycle License.

First off…WHY WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE THIS! (IOL featured it; so of course people believed it)

The article stated that all bicycles had to be road worthy and would go through an annual license fee of R350 and to top it all off you had to pass your “bicycle rider test” (adapted from the K53. LOL) in order to get your “license”.

4. Land Rover to bring out a “bakkie” in 2017.

Land Rover “announced” that they will be coming out with a new Discovery Bakkie and even had an image of the future car…and it was UGLY.

A Land Rover design with an ugly a** “bakkie vibe” design really confused the consumer, because why would anyone want to drive that?

And saving the best for last…

5. When OneDayOnly had a 32% off special at the “Lion’s Pride Estate”

which is by the way a four bedroom apartment on Lions Head which has the perfect 360 view of Cape Town (not).

Some of these articles would’ve been great if they were true but the others are just down right ridiculous.

Although I’m sure many of us would love to see our President with a degree…It’s just not happening.

So, be aware next time you read an article on April 1st! You never know who might be trying to trick you.

It might just be TYI 😉

-Zuhaa Isaacs

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