A 49-year-old man was cut in three after being hit by a train.

The incident happened just after 8pm on Sunday at Eikefontein station in Kraaifontein.

Johan Adams, aka Devil Eyes, was on his way to Wellington.

Horrified witnesses from Petunia Street in Scottsville, who raced to the scene, said Johan’s body parts was strewn all over the tracks.

It’s believed his leg got stuck on the train track and he couldn’t move out of the way of the oncoming train fast enough.

His one leg and head was severed from his torso.

His mom Rose Steenkamp says Johan had a disability in his leg, and struggled to walk after a car accident a few years back.

Rose, 68, says although her son’s nickname was Devil Eyes, “he was a saint and was always helpful to others”.

“Since last night I have been kissing his picture, so I can hold on to the good memories of him. He loved gospel music and never hesitated to help people. The name Devil Eyes was a joke and exactly the opposite of who my son was,” the grieving mother says.

“He loved to sing about choosing the right path in life.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut confirms the incident.

“A man was hit by a train on Sunday in Kraaifontein and a death inquest case docket has been registered.”

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