Canddie Lesasa has always been very cautious about her health and this passion drove her to teach herself how to cook healthy comfort food, which she would share with her family and colleagues as a way of encouraging them to eat healthy as well. 

She realised that her passion could be turned into a lucrative business and ventured into business and started to sell her healthy comfort food. 

She then explored the coffee market and became a coffee distributor. She now sells healthy coffee around her community and employs three people who earn commission as they sell. The success of her business lies in customer care, and this has been a big driver of her success. 

Over time, she developed the passion for telling the story behind her product and the narrative has helped to change the way people feel and think while they make healthier choices. 

Her dream is to establish a café that serves healthy comfort foods and beverages with as many branches as possible. 

She says, her aim is to show that young women can start up and manage successful businesses without having to resort to having multiple sex partners who provide cash and material things – as this has become the norm among many young people. 

She says, young people need role models, and perhaps young role models who can show that it’s possible to make it in life without getting involved in trading sex for cash or material things and she can attest to that through her experience. 

Looking ahead, she would like to see unity amongst young leaders and says they must unite and work together in building and shaping Africa into a peaceful continent, a continent without anger or riots. She envisages herself hosting peace campaigns, empowering young people to help one another. 

Her desire is to see young people investing in themselves – reading, learning and being inspired to always make it a point that at the end of each day they make a change and learn something new.