Cecilia Bamusi was groomed to be an accountant – this is what her parents wanted and this is the path she chose. She holds a Certificate in Financial Accounting (CIFA). But she always knew that her passion lay in fashion and, thankfully, it seems the universe agreed. 

Cecilia put some time in as a fashion designer before resigning from her accounting job sand starting her own company – Ciar Design and Tailoring.

The set up the business in June 2018 with one domestic sewing machine and herself as the only employee to the company. Today, the company runs two industrial sewing machines and three manual sewing machines and employs four full time people including herself. 

Over time, she has come to realise that her passion has extended beyond only fashion. Her desire is for young people to realise that they are capable of changing and finding solutions to Africa’s problems and more than capable to create the jobs needed to bridge the high unemployment gap among youth. Young people must begin to see themselves as job creators and they must never, ever give up, she says. 

She is of the view that young people should think ahead and be able to put their differences aside and work together to build a better Africa. This work will inspire their own children who will, in turn, be motivated to do more. 

In the next five years, Cecilia wants to see her store evolve into a full-blown tailoring company, one that supplies clothes to people and businesses across the globe. 

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But her personal vision is focussed on gender equality, she wants to see children and their needs being prioritised – regardless of their gender. Her aim is to contribute towards this and ensuring that her business plays a role in prioritising the needs of children within her community.