Dhirav Rana has a strong ambition for technology as a tool to lead this generation into a better future through innovation. He is involved in the research and implementation of decentralised networks, decentralised applications on a network, fiat currencies, ICOs.

His work mainly involves migrating systems and databases to a decentralised network for improved efficiencies. Focus currently is the development of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that can be affiliated with the banks of Africa. He is also simultaneously working on decentralised applications on the blockchain network and planning on integrating the ICO as a form of payment, peer to peer transactions.

His journey has not been an easy one, having encountered a number of difficulties in getting funding to study further and having experienced other social challenges. 

As a result, at some point he began to doubt his capabilities, questioning why he should pursue such a path as it was filled with a number of obstacles; but through tenacity and hard work, and a change in mindset, shifting from negative thoughts to a more positive outlook to life, he was able to complete his studies and begin to drive his own projects. 

His work is inspired by observations of everyday challenges and the need to address these problems through innovative tech solutions. His passion for technology continues to inspire him to think of solutions and programmes that can change our way of life and doing business. 

He says his passion, especially for programming and the possibilities that technology presents, inspired him to choose computer science as his preferred field of study.

His five-year goal is to complete his Master’s degree in computer science and continue working on projects to solve some of the challenges in the IT space, including designing ways of working better and more securely. 

He says young people must realise that “we are the future” and the role models that future generations will look up to. There is a need to set the right standards for future generations through our work today. No contribution is too small, he says, success does not come without failure and neither is it accomplished overnight; young people must never give up, anything is possible.