Music is one of the greatest and most powerful tools in our lives, It is interwoven with our identity and culture and our sense of being. We listen to music while alone, with others or at a club, dancing. It gives us a sense of belonging and freedom to feel and express ourselves and emotions. 

Music has the power to help us feel as though we are not alone, and sometimes the right lyrics can save us. It is no surprise that Emvee K, real name Victorine Tuvemue Kaaronda, a Namibian rapper and YouTuber, has fully embraced the power of music to influence and challenge the way young people view their bodies, and deal with depression and anxiety.

Emvee K suffered mental illness and depression, caused by the negativity around starting a career in the music industry.  Now she uses her music to inspire, motivate, influence and bring hope to the world, with a focused positive message aimed at addressing issues around mental health and depression. 

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For her YouTube channel, she develops and posts motivational and positive content that aims to address various issues affecting young people. Her content encourages people to feel good about themselves, to be proud of their bodies, skin colour and to embrace the challenges they are going through in order to actively seek solutions. 

On the channel, she shares her experiences with depression and anxiety and speaks about the journey she went on and is on dealing with depression. Her music and YouTube video messages carry a strong message of acceptance, fearless confidence and pride in embracing one’s differences and acceptance of the differences of others.  

Her music provides a message with meaning around dealing with these challenges. 

Her vision is to become an internationally recognised artist and for her message in her music not to be diluted; but to remain authentic in order to continue to motivate young people facing these challenges. 

Her life’s philosophy is “Push, you never know, this could be the winning push.”