Musician Greezy Felix is a creates music about current affairs from his country using videos to make his tunes more engaging and fun for his audiences. 

From landlord battles to ex-girlfriend matters and the work environment, his music touches all spheres of everyday life experiences.

Felix also has one of the biggest Facebook pages that celebrate dance, which he set up on noticing how African soccer players  celebrate a goal with a dance and that inspired him to set up a page to celebrate dance – which has become synonymous with African celebrations. 

The aim for the page was to provide a platform for engagement, interaction and a place to express emotions using dance, as dance is a universal language. The dance videos are fun, funny and informative – and have become a tool that people use to learn more about dance, to keep fit using dance, and to understand African culture through dance and music.  

Having been faced with a number of challenges at the onset of his work, he started exploring other avenues to access equipment for his videos and identified other people in the industry with whom to collaborate, until he could save enough for his own equipment. 

He shares some of these lessons on his music videos to encourage young people not to be deterred by circumstances in reaching their goals, but to explore ways of working together with other like-minded people. 

Felix’s vision is to create a brand that will show the youths across the world that they can change the world and brighten someone’s day by doing what they love.

His big dream is to create events similar to TED Talks in his country and to create awareness that young people can use their talents, humour, music or dance or whatever the talent to make a difference in the world. 

He aims to continue encouraging the youth to always start where they are and use whatever resources they have and not wait for optimal conditions to start any project. 

He recognises the power of technology as a tool that can enable young people to spread the message to start making a difference from where they are in their communities; as he believes in the power of viral campaigns to spread a message across to people.