The second runner up in this category is known to most as Mr OUTsurance or the guy in the front seat  but – Katlego Maboe – is more than that.

He is a television presenter, singer and actor. 

He landed his first TV job at the age of 11. He used to be part of an acapella band called Flip a Coin. The band used to have performances nationally and would perform at festivals. 

He is the host of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) signature morning show Express aired on SABC 3. He has been in the TV industry for over a decade now. He also plays the role of MC and entertainer, performer and singer. 

His ability to draw a crowd and the desire to make a difference in his community, in the country and in the world at large inspired him to become involved in the performing arts and broadcast. After landing his TV job at the age of `11, he realised that he could leverage the platform to make a positive impact on society. 

He uses his fame to drive awareness on various issues on social media and through his broadcast work and performance work. He has been at the forefront of using.

In the next five years, his vision is to work towards ensuring expanding his work across other areas to make a more meaningful impact across more communities, leveraging broadcast as a channel to drive his message. Ultimately, he envisions creating a platform where he can help other people who have a dream to fulfil that dream.

He is of the view that young people are in the driver’s seat with regard to the destiny of the continent. They have the power of social media on their side and if used correctly, social media can effectively enforce change. He shared that young people have the energy, the enthusiasm, the creativity and the ability to make massive changes on the African continent.   

Looking ahead, he would love to see a change in mentality within the SADC region, embracing the idea of a united African continent. He says, he desires to see young people united and participate in the creation of  a United States of Africa where continents can share ideas, create solutions to the common challenges faced, and also create an example on what can be achieved when humanity is united.

Katlego’s philosophy is that ‘knowledge is power’, and it is of utmost importance that the youth are knowledgeable in order to address our current challenges and those that may arise, and for young people to be able to engage leaders across spheres and have meaningful debate about the things they want changed.