Takunda is the founder of TechVillage, an innovation hub and entrepreneurship support organisation that is based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

 TechVillage helps entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses and in the process enables corporates and other ecosystem partners to leverage innovation, and entrepreneurs to meet their organisational goals. 

TechVillage offers resources that serve as an infrastructure for growth, to incubate and accelerate the growth of start-ups while existing at the nexus of social impact, innovation, business and governance. It strives to create a platform where entrepreneurs, corporates, academia, government agencies, non-profits, start-ups and innovators interact and collaborate toward progress. 

The impact of his work has resulted in the building of a community of over 500 entrepreneurs and innovators in Zimbabwe, has made major inroads in discounting the cost of start-up and helped more young people to pursue their dreams.

After failing in his first company in 2012, he realised that there were many people who had probably also failed to start their companies. He set off on a journey to assist people to build and maintain their companies through mentorship programmes. 

He has set a goal of 100 start-ups in 2020. Part of his plans for 2020 is to also support existing start-ups to scale and build their businesses. 

He believes that through support for young entrepreneurs, the necessary jobs can be created to address current challenges of unemployment, irrespective of a country’s broader economic challenges.