Keith Katyora holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Pretoria, South Africa  and is the chairperson of the Consulting Engineers of South Africa’s Young Professionals forum. 

He is an electrical engineer working in the consulting engineering industry at Aurecon South Africa. Most of his work includes renewable energy design and advisory to power systems. As chairperson of the Consulting Engineers of South Africa’s Young Professionals forum for Gauteng North, he is heavily involved in opening up platforms for young people to voice their opinions and also play an active role in the industry. 

Leveraging his professional training expertise, he organises professional development events that focus on advancing energy related careers and bringing together industry thought leaders to engage around issues on energy. 

Last year he organised an energy debate, streamed nationwide, that brought some of the top young engineers in the energy space to express their ideas and voice their opinions towards the future of energy in South Africa. 

After this an energy manifesto was drawn up, which will be made public as a declaration by all people in the industry to take up. Last year he was also part of the stakeholder’s team that helped with inputs to the science and technology’s 10-year NDP; he was one of the youngest advisors in the group. 

His work with CESA and in the academic space is to introduce the new venture he is working on and pushing into pilot phase. 

He is passionate about youth development, and is the co-founded eTechEng an online site onto which users are able to upload their project history and keep a record of their projects, it provides a digital cloud system for saving projects. 

The aim of this project is to create well-rounded professional portal where young people who have not been exposed to the industry can access and gain more knowledge and learn about the different industry projects. The portal also provides a networking platform on which all engineers can network, socialise and connect online.

Reading newspaper articles about Strive Masiyiwa, Patrice Mostepe, Nigel Chanakira and other African business people made him realise that if others can change the world and accomplish what they have, then it is possible for him as well. 

In the next five years he envisions seeing more and more young people occupying seats in some of those closed engagements, and also the rise of young tech companies. He hopes that eTechEng by then would have gone global and would be one of the biggest success stories out of Africa. 

He would like SADC to invest more in the number of registered and accredited engineers, establishing more platforms like the eTechEng platform.