Founder of The New Generation International Foundation, is working hard to ensure that in every project he is involved in, he sets a standard that enriches his space and opens new ventures for other young people not only to dream but to set and execute their ideas.

His work is divided between the New Generation International Foundation and his brand, Kgosto Hope Lekau. The foundation is aimed at nurturing and building young people in leadership, entrepreneurship, media, sport and other areas, and also creates a platform where young people are trained to build and become trailblazers in producing solutions for Africa. 

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Kgotso’s work and ability to influence change has been recognised in in five African countries and currently impacts over 100 000 young people. 

A near-death experience at the age of 11 made Kgotso discover his passion. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer; during his hospitalisation he constantly pondered on how backgrounds that were limited by philosophies hinder people from stepping out of the norm to become different people. 

He recognised that this had already affected many people, thus his purpose was triggered and set on the path to educate people.

His vision for the next five years is to create a global network founded in Africa, that will not only establish change-makers but game-changers as well in areas beyond his field of interest. 

He wants to create a platform that changes lives through leadership, entrepreneurship, media and sport; and says, such platforms will ensure that the true narrative of being young and powerful is manifested. 

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He is of the view that young people must lead Africa in different fields. They are ready with the raw passion and innovative ideas that they can distribute to the world – young people should be allowed to dream. His big dream is to see the creation of a strong SADC youth-led union that will be influential in resolving the continent’s challenges.