Makere Thekiso is the founder of Callback Dreams Studio, a cloud-based TV channel in Uganda. 

He has worked on over 100 projects in the last nine years ranging from TV shows, commercials, music videos and music specials, and are now slowly moving into the digital space; and has done work in over 10 countries on the continent, from Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Nigeria among others. 

He also runs a lead generation digital agency. 

Having been a very creative thinker from a young age, he says he has never felt bound to do one thing, but to explore different fields of work. 

His vision for the next five years is to automate his company to technically run itself. 

He says entrepreneurship will change the face of Africa and young people should be at the forefront of driving entrepreneurship, to create jobs and thus contribute towards the fight against poverty.