Award-winning Nigerian based chemical engineer Mervin Azeta has a striking passion for science and technology. 

She holds a Bachelors’ degree in Chemical Engineering with first class honors from the University of Benin and an MSc with Distinction in Sustainable Energy Futures, Mechanical Engineering from the Imperial College London. 

She works for Schlumberger, the world’s largest oil field service and technology provider. Furthermore, she has worked in numerous non-profit engagements such as advocacy, sensitisation and education on global environmental challenges, including climate change, global warming and waste management for children, youths and adults. She was awarded a Presidential scholar, STEM ambassador and future energy leader at the World Energy Council. 

Mervin is passionate about the next generation of female scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians and leaders and has an unwavering commitment to shaping low-carbon, sustainable energy future. She has taken part in various engagements aimed at driving transformative change in the energy industry with STEM education, intergenerational dialogues, sponsorships and promotions.

Through her non-profit and stewardship projects, Mervin develops ideas and technologies and enforces policies that bring affordable, clean, reliable and sustainable energy to life. She also works on mobilising other women and equipping them with the necessary skills to address the gaps and deliver solutions to the energy challenges on the African continent.

She remains a source of inspiration to many young women in aspiring to enter this field of work.

Her vision is to be able to influence global and positive changes around attitudes and behaviour on minimising carbon footprint and use of sustainable energy for the future; as well as to change stereotypes around the role of women in different spheres of work to encourage more women to become engineers, scientists and mathematicians; so that women too can play a role in shaping our world for the future.