Radio and TV personality Zoe Brown is making strides in the booming South African media industry. 

You may remember her from hosting one of South Africa’s biggest morning shows, the Expresso Morning Show after she had won the channels  presenter search in 2015.

Currently presenting the Flash Drive on Kfm Brown studied International Relations and majored in Political Science at the Stellenbosch University. Working behind the mic on her radio show and in front of the camera has given the 29-year-old a platform of influence. 

Social media platforms bridge the gap between herself and her viewers and listeners. She is able to share her day-to-day life and has had a positive influence across various lifestyles, brands, and to a certain extent some policies for the charity work that she does. 

From a young age, she always loved the idea of being in the media, and she started off with radio before moving to TV. The platform gives her access to people and the ability to drive different messages around issues that affect people in communities. Part of her messaging strategy is to showcase how young girls can be unlimited in their thinking and that’s the message she continues to drive.

She is of the view that when one has a platform to influence, they must bring about change; and unfortunately, a lot of people who have access to the tools are using these tools for their self-serving agendas without concern for the broader community. 

Her approach is focused on leveraging the platforms available to her, to enrich others, and help showcase the values that communities no longer value, remind others of the principles and importance of kindness and generosity; and the notion that these attributes things can change communities.  

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She says with inequality being one of the stumbling blocks to the development of the SADC region, influencers must drive the agenda for equality and expose ideas and concepts that encourage this, and inspire people and businesses to play a part in changing the narrative.