Sehume Malomu is a social entrepreneur, a philanthropist, marketing brand strategist, film director, a media personality, the co-founder of the Leaders in Motion Academy and Managing Director of Gateway Media. 

He is the first young person to establish the first successful digital skills academy in a Pretoria township. He is currently pursuing a post graduate managerial programme at Henley Business School, as part of his personal development as a leader and a trendsetter. 

Leader in Motion Academy is a proof of concept idea that brings creativity and business together. The business was established as a partnership between Gateway Media and Imvula Trading to provide a safe haven for content creators. The business is based in the township of Eersterust, a coloured area that is stereotypical of crime, drugs and gangs. 

They have managed to clear out the drug trade in their area of operation by giving the youth of Eersterust and Tshwane a sense of purpose to believe in themselves and a platform to be inclusive in the economy. 

The business has managed to partner with the government to train 100 young people in digital content creation, and through a new partnership they have established a satellite school in the oldest township in Gauteng, Alexandra. They are currently in talks to branch into other SADC countries as well.

His unwavering commitment to change communities continues to drive his passion for the work that he is doing in changing communities; and says his passion is ensuring that the underprivileged black youth that were denied opportunities because of the colour of their skin begin to realise those opportunities. 

He works in this industry because he is inspired by bringing dreams to reality through collaborative projects that will have an impact for the African child. 

His vision is to set up the first township creative hub in Africa where young people who are IT and content developers can own their own content and develop new technologies that will change Africa. Through the hub, Creatives will share in revenue, having developed over 100 SMMEs that will create employment for more than 3 000 young people in Africa. 

He says youth need to collaborate beyond borders, because the challenges that Africa is facing know no boarders; and says that young people must begin to 

open their minds and educate one another about the effects of xenophobia and how these issues continue to negatively affect the progress that the continent can make as a united front.

He is of the view that every African child has something to offer and that with their skills, talents and passion we can achieve Africa that is poverty and inequality free.